Don’t sweat…


Putting up the hot tub was as easy as described and jumping in after finishing it felt fantastic!”

Below are full user guides for each of the hot tubs that we supply. Clear and simple with lots of pictures so every step of the hot tub experience is enjoyable! They cover everything from how to prepare the site, how to install the tub, how to use the hot tub for the first time, guidance on lighting and using the stove safely as well as some suggested ways to maintain your hot tubs and the details of your product’s guarantee. Your hot tub will arrive with the user manual inside too, along with all of the necessary drill bits and screws etc.

These manuals should cover everything you need to know but if you have any further questions give us a call and we will be happy to help. Check out our How to page to get some useful hot tub owner advice or our FAQ page for the most common questions our customers have.

Watch the below video and see how easy our wood burners are to install…

Cult installation hot tub video

Hot Tub User Guides

Woody Hot Tubs User Guide

Easy Hot Tubs User Guide

Cozy Hot Tubs User Guide

Heater User Guides

Cult Heater User Guide

Cube Heater User Guide

Tube Heater User Guide for Wooden Tubs

Tube Heater User Guide for Aluminium Tubs