Got some questions?

How to heat your wood-fired hot tub…

The use of the stove is as easy as using any normal wood burner. Using small dry firewood for both lighting the fire and heating up the water results in a quicker heating time. Air intake can be easily adjusted with the door grate to manage the speed that the logs burn.

A hot tub cover should be used to speed up the heating time. Every time you put more logs in the wood burner it is also a good idea to give the water a stir. You will notice that hot water will stay at the top once it leaves the top pipe and mixing it allows the water to heat more evenly as well as letting you know the actual temperature.

Once the temperature feels good, take off the lid and jump in! Kirami hot tubs are very well insulated and keep the heat in very well. If you want to maintain the water at the same temperature for a long time just leave a couple of logs on the fire to keep slowly burning – and enjoy the gentle cracking sound of a log fire as you unwind under the stars!

How to clean your wood-fired hot tub…

We suggest replacing the water in your tub after every few uses but it really depends how much it gets used – so this is up to you. When you decide to replace the water you must not start emptying the tub before the fire and embers have burnt out completely. This will damage the wood stove if it is still hot.

Empty the ash from the stove every few uses to ensure good air circulation next time you get the fire going. Each burner comes with either an ash shovel or ash tray for this. Remember, ash is great for your garden so simply mix it directly into your soil or leave a little around the base of trees! To clean the inside of the tub we recommend mixing a bucket of warm water with one scoop of biodegradable sanitizer power and wiping down the inside surfaces with a brush. This only takes a few minutes but keeps the hot tub super clean. Spray down the inside with water and once the foam has emptied place the plug back in and allow the tub to fill up completely. Emptied water can be used to water your garden or simply recycled into a drain.

It is important to keep the Woody hot tubs filled with water when not in use as the wood will otherwise dry out and change shape over time. If conditions are below freezing it is best to leave all hot tubs empty as freezing over can damage the hot tub and outlet pipes. Cover the tub when it is not being used to keep it clean and stop leaves getting in.

That really is everything there is to know.

How to enjoy your wood fired hot tub…

Wood fired hot tubs are great at all times of year. The colder it is outside the better! Perfect for sunsets or starry nights. Leave a few logs on the fire and the cover on when you go to bed and wake up the next morning to a steaming hot tub too.

Whether it’s a quiet night in unwinding on your own or with your partner, or a get-together with friends, the hot tub is a great excuse. Whatever the occasion it is always a special event. The whole process from lighting the fire and heating the water, to getting in for the first time is a fun experience and we hope you have many happy moments.

As you lower yourself into the water your body becomes lighter and you may enjoy some of the many health benefits that come from soaking in a deep wooden hot tub. As well as calming the mind, relieving stress and promoting a good night’s sleep, health benefits include deep relaxation of aching muscles and joint pain, promotion of circulation and opening of pores. Studies have also shown that weight loss can be helped as increased blood flow to skeletal muscles and lower blood sugar levels result.

When filling the tub, note the number of people that are going to use it. As people get into the tub, water will be displaced and there’s no point heating water that is just going to fall out the sides straight away. It is important to watch that the level of the water does not go below the minimum fill level as people get in and out. This can damage the wood burner if it gets too low.