So which hot tub is right for you?

We have chosen the listed hot tubs below based on our own extensive experience and on our previous customers valuable feedback. The Original Range is where we started. Affordable, all wooden hot tubs and lined hot tubs that are traditional in look. The Comfort Range combines the highly efficient Cube burner with a plastic liner to offer even easier maintenance and very quick heating times. Finally, our top of the line Premium Range offers both the traditional round design or a more modern octagonal design, both with a marine aluminium inside, the most efficient Tube wood burner with Ultima tubs and the choice of high quality exterior cladding materials from thermowood and profiline composite to beautiful red cedar hot tubs.

Kirami Original Hot Tub RangeWOODY HOT TUB RANGE        EASY HOT TUB RANGE

Kirami Comfort Hot Tub Range

Cozy Hot Tub Range

Kirami Premium Hot Tub Range

Norma hot tub range        Optima hot tub range        Ultimate hot tub range

When choosing to buy a hot tub, you need to think about which size is right for you. Be realistic about how many people you are going to have in the hot tub most times. A larger size does mean more water to heat up, and so a slightly longer heating period.

Each range has a slightly different burner design to match the heating requirements of that range. All burners are made with high class AlMg3 marine aluminium which is incredibly durable, a great heat conductor and even usable with sea water! Your heater is pressure-tested for leaks too before it leaves Kirami’s factory so your hot tub experience is problem free.

Different outside materials and liner colours for the tub can also be chosen purely on personal preference. There really is a hot tub for sale whatever you are looking for.

If there are products in the Kirami range that are of interest, which are not listed on our website, please let us know and we will be happy to discuss these.

Did you know about the many health benefits of a wooden hot tub? Check out our How to section to learn more.