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Below is a list of frequently asked questions about buying and owning a traditional wooden hot tub. If you are unable to find an answer to your question here please feel free to contact us.

How does a wood-fired hot tub work?

Wood-fired hot tubs are very simple. Colder water is drawn in through a low pipe at the bottom of the wood burner, it is then drawn around the outside of the stove and flows back into the hot tub through a top pipe. This natural circulation is called a ‘thermosiphon’ and means there are no working parts to go wrong and no droning circulating pump! See our About page for a full description.

How do I manage the water temperature?

If you want to maintain the water at the right temperature once it becomes hot enough simply leave a couple of logs on the fire to keep it slowly burning – and enjoy the gentle cracking sound of a log fire as you unwind. If it does get too hot let the fire burn down, open up the woodburner door to let the heat escape or add a little cold water from a hose. You soon come to understand how to keep the temperature just where you want it.

Do wooden hot tubs leak?

Complete wooden hot tubs (Woody Range) may leak a little when you fill them for the first time. This is normal and it is nothing to worry about. As the wood swells the joints close up and you shouldnt have any further problems. Our clear and easy User Guides for each model cover how to ensure a leaking hot tub is never a problem. Kirami use only slow growing wood that has been thermo-treated – meaning their hot tubs don’t have the same problem as other cheaper hot tubs do. If you choose a wooden hot tub with a plastic or marine aluminium liner then this is of course never an issue.

How frequently do I need to change the water?

As a guideline we recommended that you change the water after 3 uses. It really depends how much use the hot tub gets.

Do I need to use any chemicals to keep the water clean?

No. However we do suggest that all inside wooden surfaces are brushed over with a bio-degradable sanitiser powder whenever the hot tub is emptied. No chemicals means no nasty reactions and a more refreshing hot tub experience.

How long does it take to get the water up to temperature and how many logs are needed?

It takes about 2-6 hours to heat the water to temperature, depending on the hot tub size, quality of the firewood and outside temperature. The wood stoves usually needs refilling around four times (around a wheel barrel load or two in total) to heat the water to temperature. Please see our How to page for a full explanation of how to use your wooden hot tub. Kirami tubs are exceptionally well insulated and if you leave a few logs on the fire when you are finished it should still be a perfect temperature in the morning!

How do I clean the ash out of the Wood Fired Heater?

Every heater comes with its own ash box or ash shovel which is used to remove the ash on occasion. Ash is great for your garden so simply mix it directly into your soil or leave a little around the base of trees.

How long would you expect the hot tub to last?

All our hot tubs are manufactured using only durable, slow growing thermo-treated wood and other high quality materials.  Our hot tubs should provide decades of use. Please see our Eco-friendly hot tubs section to read more about the high quality wood that is used.

What does the tub need to stand on – do I need to do much site preparation?

In short, hot tubs can be placed on any firm flat surface such as gravel or a concrete base. See our Installation section to download full User Guides which will clearly explain preparation required.

Can the hot tub be placed on existing decking?

This is not advisable due to weight of the tub once filled. We recommend the hot tub is placed on compacted gravel or a concrete base. Please see our Installation page.

Will the wood shrink in a dry summer if the tub isn’t used or if the hot tub is left empty for some time?

The patented Thermowood design means that wood shrinkage is reduced considerably compared with other timbers used in hot tubs. We do recommend that the hot tub is left full at all times other than during cleaning. If during the winter there is a risk of the water in the hot tub freezing it should be emptied.

Does the wood need treating?

Hot tubs do not need protecting as they are manufactured using Thermowood which has a beautiful brown colour. If you want to maintain the same shade of brown, the outside of the barrel should be oiled about once a year with tree oil that contains UV protection, or with tar balsam. The inside walls should not be treated with any preservatives. The low maintenance of Kirami’s high quality products is one of their key benefits.

Does the flue get hot?

The inner chimney flue will get hot however bathers are protected from this by a chimney heat protection barrier which surrounds the flue.

Is it smoky?

The flue that is attached to the woodburner takes smoke away so it is not a problem. If you use well seasoned logs that are not green, smoke shouldn’t be an issue anyway.

How can I pay for my hot tub?

We accept payment by bank transfer only. Our bank details will be sent to you with your hot tub invoice once you are ready to place your order.

How much do I pay with my order?

We request full payment with your order please as Kirami hot tubs are individually handmade to order.

How long will it take to get my hot tub once I’ve ordered it?

We aim to deliver your hot tub within 3-4 weeks of your order.

Does the tub come ready assembled?

The main barrel comes full assembled only leaving you to attach the heater and flue with the help of the our clear and easy User Guides. This usually takes about an hour once the hot tub is in position. Everything is provided from the right drill bits to all the screws. You will just need a few basic everyday tools which are listed in the user guides.

Do you offer any guarantee?

Kirami offer a warranty for 24 months from the date of supply on all defects. This warranty does not apply to any defect in the goods arising from fair wear and tear, wilful damage, accident, negligence by you or any third party or use otherwise than as recommended. Please see the ‘Guarantee’ page at the bottom of each hot tub’s User Guide for full details.

Can they be used all year?

Certainly. In fact, we think that the best experience is on a frosty and starlit evening. It’s a great feeling relaxing in hot water, surrounded by friends, with steam rising from the water and smoke gently leaving the flue above.

What advantages are there for a wood-fired hot tub?

Our wood-fired hot tubs are natural, quiet, economical and efficient. Using logs means that they are much more ecological than alternative heating methods. They can be positioned absolutely anywhere, at the bottom of the garden, as part of a decked design, in a secret courtyard…anywhere! See the bottom of our About page for some real benefits over plastic hot tubs.

How safe is a woodfired hot tub?

Kirami products are incredibly well thought out and are designed for use by all the family. The wood burner flue is surrounded by a protective heat shield to prevent anyone getting burnt if they were to touch it. As long as they are used responsibly they are very safe.