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The wood burner is amazingly efficient. It gets the water as hot as we could want and more!”

How does a wood-fired hot tub really work?

The wood burning stoves that comes with all of our hot tubs work in exactly the same way as traditional woodburners. It has a regular fire chest with a door, an adjustable air intake, a grate and an ash box. It works on the principle of thermosiphon, drawing water through a low pipe in the hot tub, around the outside of the woodburner and out through a higher pipe. This simple design has no moving parts to go wrong and is beautifully quiet. No need for a circulating pump or electricity – meaning all you hear is the gently crackling of the wood fire as you unwind.

Water temperature can be easily and efficiently heated up to the optimum temperature range between 35° and 40° in around 2-6 hours, depending on the hot tub size and outside temperature. All you need to do is keep the fire going and give the water an occasional stir. You can control the temperature by adding more wood and varying airflow into the woodburner. See our How to section to read our top tips on using your tub.

The beauty of this standalone design, independent of electricity, is that you really can place it wherever you want. Enjoying the romance of the great outdoors and watching the sunset or a starry sky above. It’s basic design also means that when it arrives the only thing left for you to do is attach the wood stove through pre-drilled holes, before lighting the fire for the first time.

Our story…

We discovered the traditional Scandinavian hot tub design in 2001 when we were looking for eco-friendly hot tubs for our luxury getaways in the Cotswolds. The wood-fired option created an atmospheric and romantic touch to our lakeside retreats and we soon fell in love with the wooden hot tub experience. When we noticed that no one was providing these great products in the UK we set up The Wooden Hot Tub Company acting as Kirami’s UK reseller.

We set up with the goal to combine high-quality wood fired hot tubs that are produced by Kirami, Europe’s largest hot tub manufacturer, with personal customer services and an easy buying experience from our family run business in the Cotswold’s. Kirami’s success is a result of their good quality, affordable and easy to use products. Each hot tub is still carefully handmade to order despite their size though. They use only the best materials including slow growing dense wood that is treated with the patented ThermoWood system to ensure a long lasting hot tub that requires almost no maintenance.

Passing on our direct re-seller discount, we started to provide the enjoyable wooden hot tub experience to customers around the UK. Our prices are low for such good quality hot tubs because we have very little overheads and we supply your hot tub straight from the manufacturer. Which means no margins for middlemen. Selling predominately online and running from our existing company in the Cotswold’s we minimise our costs and can pass these savings onto you.

At Log House Holidays, our sister company in the Cotswolds, we have a wood-fired hot tub on Friday Island, which we would love to show you whilst discussing the benefits and possibility of getting your own hot tub at home. Our family run business is always here to provide helpful after sales support too if you need any advice on how to use your hot tub, so you can relax in your own hot tub with true peace of mind.

Our values today…

    • We truly believe in the wooden hot tub experience and the health and social benefits it brings
    • We are passionate about making the whole process from choosing, buying, installing and owning your hot tub as easy as possible
    • We work hard to make hot tubs affordable to everyone
    • We don’t try to oversell our products. We are confident in Kirami’s hot tubs, having worked with them for over 12 years and we are simply here to offer impartial advice on all aspects of the hot tub experience


Why should I buy a wood-fired hot tub over a plastic hot tub?

Lots of reasons. Wooden hot tubs are…

  • Totally standalone so you can place it at that lovely spot in the garden
  • Cheaper to buy
  • Much cheaper to run (no rise in your electricity bills!)
  • Quiet (replace humming water circulating motors with a crackling log fire)
  • Chemical free water
  • Eco friendly renewable heating source
  • Natural looking traditional design that looks better with time
  • Kirami hot tubs are made with wood from Finland. The colder climate means trees are slower growing and the wood is therefore much denser and more durable. This is very important for wooden hot tubs and really does set us apart